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Second Hand Winners
May 29th, 2014

There’s a lot to say about buying your house hold items second hand.

For one, it saves you money so you can spend the big bucks on the things that matter most. What’s more is nowadays stores and individual sellers are ready to make a dime off just about anything, so many of your essential household items like furniture, technology and outdoor equipment, can almost always be sourced for a bargain on the second hand market. Even those optional items, like gym equipment and gardening tools, can be picked up for much less than retail prices.

That said, it is not ideal to buy all your household commodities from the neighbourhood garage sale. When buying second hand one should always consider carefully the items where quality and safety of the user is paramount. Here are few household items we think are perfect as second hand purchases, as well as some items that may require some further consideration.

Items to look for

White goods often stand in abundance on the second hand market, with items like irons, sewing machines and dryers sold for next to nothing. Always opt for warranty protected appliances if they are available.

Recreational equipment like kayaks, skateboards and bicycles are some household items that can usually stand the test of time. Why not look for some for the next family vacation? Check for any damage before you purchase, and be sure to test the quality of the brakes if you’re thinking of buying something with wheels.

Lights and lighting accessories such as lamp shades, stands and holders are a snatch bought second hand. Be mindful however when it comes to the electrical connection. A good approach is to test the operation of the light or any accessories in the shop before you buy.

Tools such as screwdrivers, spanners and drill sets are a second hand certainty. Most tools these days are manufactured from treated steels, plastics and woods, giving way to long term durability and protection against wear. Be sure to check your tool set is complete when shopping on the second hand market – it’s often the case that some parts go wandering over time!

If stories are timeless, then there is no doubt that books are a winner on the second hand market. Most stores carry a variety of reading books, from general novels and university text books, to atlases and tour guides. No doubt, a second hand stores is the perfect place to start if you’re thinking of building your own personal library, or just after a good read at the cost of a few dollars.

Image from http://www.diggingourlife.com

Image from http://www.diggingourlife.com

Items to consider

Helmets are designed to protect one’s head from injury and damage. For that reason, it is important they are fitted properly, preferably by a professional. It is also the case that most helmets carry a ‘one crash’ life span, and should be replaced every five years to ensure full protection is guaranteed. These sorts of features are not always evident when buying second hand.

Pool fences are certainly an item you would be taking a risk on purchasing second hand. All pool enclosures in Australia are subject to mandatory standards. Be aware that not all fencing is built to meet these legal requirements and hefty fines can apply if it is found the fence type or construction is considered incorrect.

Like helmets, child car seats pose a serious danger when bought second hand. In fact, most manufacturers for child safety equipment will recommend avoiding any car seat that is more than 6 to 10 years old, for the reason that many do not meet the current safety regulations.

There is little to recommend about buying your mattress second hand. Having been previously used, some may contain dust mites or bed bugs, which can easily lead to serious health issues, including asthma and eczema.

How to scout the bargains

Keep an eye out for advertised garage sales

Check your local community message board for garage sales and furniture advertisements.

Search to see if there is a buy and sell web, app or Facebook page for your local suburb

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