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Top 7 Creative Home Ideas
March 24th, 2014

Here are the seven most creative home ideas that we’ve found around the web.
What is your favourite?

1. Green Walls and Roofs

Green walls and roofs are not only pleasing aesthetically, but they are also exploding with health and biological benefits for you and the planet.

Heat reduction and UV ray protection, as well as improved air quality and mental happiness are just some of the major advantages that come with living amongst hydroponic walls. Recent studies have even revealed green panels can help reduce the economic load on households, with noted cuts to electricity bills of up 20 percent.

Image taken from http://www.quartier-maison.fr

Image taken from http://www.quartier-maison.fr

2. Glass Ceilings and Floors

If light is said to be the most precious gold on Earth, then why block it? 

Glass panelling for ceilings, floors and walls are a designer’s treasure. Not only are they simple and economical, but their transparent or colourful nature means they can instantly transform the ambiance, brightness and physical appearance of a space. Not convinced? Check out this list of 22 naturally lit rooms.

3. Cellars

On a concept level alone, cellars are perhaps not the most exciting room in a home. Most are designed for storage, with entertainment and comfort left for other rooms in the house. That said, their basic concept and hidden nature can double as the perfect opportunity to unleash some creative fever. Features like secret doorways, maze-like layouts and twisted stair cases are just some of the thrilling concepts residents have put together in the name of liquor. 

Image from http://www.squarestate.net

Image from http://www.squarestate.net

4. Home Libraries

With most literature now available on the internet, the addition of a home library may seem pointless. But it’s not just the word count that can make a home library an attractive asset. Not only do they offer a calm and intellectual oasis at your doorstep, but their concept lends them flexibility and trendiness in both structural design and appearance.

home library

Image from http://freshome.com

5. Internal Boardwalks and Balconies

Whether they are designed to overlook a room, corridor or wide open space, internal balconies and board walks are a great use of dead space in a multi level home. They are also attractive for their means of creating shared spaces and drawing architectural focus indoors.

Image from http://www.dezeen.com

Image from http://www.dezeen.com

6. Rock Climbing Walls

There’s nothing like taking the thrill from an adventure sport and capitalising on it in your own space.

Internal rock climbing walls are the trending and innovative alternative to household stairs, lifts and even ladders for bunk beds. What’s more, they cheap to create, and draw physical, mental and social focus. Muscular strength, balance, perception, and concentration, as well as spatial awareness and determination are just some areas that you can benefit from by climbing a wall as part of your daily routine.

Image taken from http://weburbanist.com

Image taken from http://weburbanist.com

7. Snakes and Ladders

Whether you’re in a bad mood or not, it would be hard to keep a frown if you had to take a slide from the second floor to the garage.

Just like rock climbing walls, slides and ladders offer a new and certainly fun way of moving around your home. Granted, they’re not the most dignified way of entering a room, but if you’re all about harnessing your inner child or just like to get downstairs fast, then perhaps you’re in need of a slippery dip or two. 

Check out this mammoth slide that was installed in a New York Penthouse recently: Slide Heaven


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