Brisbane Development Management

Development management is a niche skill and takes both the academic know-how and more importantly the experience to deliver the project through to completion. We have a core group of consultant that we work closely with here at CBS Property Group that include the following professional groups:

  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Town Planners

Development management is a unique service that we provide here at CBS Property for both smaller and larger developer clients. It is important for the sales agency and rental managers to have some involvement throughout the projects infancy to ensure that demand for the stock will be high to deliver sales and also for those properties sold to investors actually rent and achieve the rental yields promised to investors when making the purchase originally.

It is crucial to the success of the development and the amount of profit that the development yields that all of these consultants are managed and work well together. Property development can be very exciting and quite lucrative if done correctly and at the right time. If you are considering pursuing a development or require some assistance to do so CBS Property Group can assist, manage, and deliver a project as development consultants.

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