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It is common to find that within the overwhelming majority of real estate offices the property management department is the most under resourced. It’s no wonder investors move from one agency to another in search of a decent property manager and agency to work with. If you are experiencing any, or all of the practices listed below then you need to seriously consider moving the management of your property to CBS Property Group immediately.

  • Extended periods of vacancy
  • Lower rental yields than you expect
  • Not receiving routine inspections on time, or at all
  • A lack of communication from your property manager
  • Poor service skills when dealing with staff within your managing agency
  • Dealing with a property manager who isn’t intimate with the rental market
  • A constant turnover of property managers within the agency managing your property
  • Not having easy access to information such as financial statements, routine reports & leases

Our property managers receive regular training with independent industry professionals and organisations to ensure they are aware of all legislative changes as they are made that allows them to deal with whatever comes their way comfortably and efficiently.

Our average vacancy rate at any given time is under 5% and our properties generate 6% higher rents than our competitors. Why is that? Because we strategically aim to have our leases expiring at the right times of the year when demand is at its highest for any particular area. Not all areas are the same, in fact some areas can deliver rental variations of over 10% if not timed/managed correctly.
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Meet Our Brisbane Property Management Team

David Hallett

Property Management

David is the co-founder of CBS Property Group and a licensed real estate profession. David’s driven to deliver superior service to all CBS clients and train and manage our team to ensure we maintain our services and reputation.

David has a double degree in business from Griffith University with majors in both marketing, and real estate and property development. David graduated from Villanova College in Brisbane’s inner east where his motivation and ambition to study and enter the world of business began.

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